October 31, 2005
Masks and Pumpkins

Noh performer in mask during Okina, a ritualised Okinawan form of Noh. (photo by Tod, the steady-handed)

Tonight we attended a performance of Noh plays in Shinjuku Gyoen. It was my first Noh experience and although it was a beautiful specta, even the comedic play was way over my head.

Here are two recordings from Okina, the first play. Neither is of the performer pictured above.

play mp3Okina Noh 2’13” MP3 (2 MB)

play mp3Okina Noh (2) 0’56” MP3 (884 KB)

By the intermission, we were chilled to the bone so we left the crowd of 4000 people for the warmth of dinner indoors. A shame, because the only play I knew the plot of was the one after intermission.

After dinner, we stopped to have some Pumpkin Milk. It seemed an appropriate beverage for the day. More importantly, it claims to erase irritableness and I needed it. Not sure if it worked.

Posted by kuri at October 31, 2005 10:40 PM


What is Pumpkin Milk? Do you like NOH? My mother in law loves, but unfortunately for me it is hard to appreciate it, though I’m intereseted in it.

Posted by: Mieko on November 1, 2005 08:28 AM
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