August 19, 2005
Perfect Space

creative perspectivesHave you ever imagined your perfect personal space? Mine is a large room, well shaded and insulated from the outdoors, but with a wide wall of windows onto a sunny veranda and garden with a fountain. Inside, there is a fireplace for chilly nights, a wall of books, a big table for working on and plenty of storage for supplies and tools. Need I mention the comfy chairs for relaxing and a spacious kitchen for cooking?

I guess that’s quite a lot for a room to accomplish, but in my mind’s eye, it is the perfect place for me. Relaxing, well-appointed and comfortable in all seasons.

I wonder if I’d be more creative there, or less? I think that maybe a bit of adversity improves my focus and drive to be creative.

Posted by kuri at August 19, 2005 10:59 PM

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