June 04, 2005
Color theories

creative perspectivesA couple of weeks ago, Tracey was asking me why some colors look better on people that other colors. “Maybe you can explain it on Creative Perspectives,” she suggested. Well, that’s a tall order—books have been written about color theory & professionals charge an arm and a leg to give you a personal color session.

But it’s possible to explain the basics in short order. In fact, I had fun yesterday playing with a personal color palette.

My personal color palette

First I took a close-up photo of myself in daylight. I brought into Photoshop and sampled the color my skin, eyes, hair and the red of my lips (which should be about the same color as when I blush).

From there I played with a nifty color tool Color Coordinator which allowed me to enter a color value (which I noted from my photoshop sampling) and view monochrome values (the first two columns above), alternate complements (120 & -120), complementary (180), and one of the tetradic colors (90) on the color wheel. I adjusted brightness in horizontal bands and saturation in vertical bands to give a wider range of examples for each color.

And it turns out that some of these colors are already in my wardrobe. I noted the general colors of my current wardrobe in dots along the side. I’m not doing too badly, though I suppose I need more blue in my life.

Posted by kuri at June 04, 2005 12:26 PM

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