January 14, 2005
Finishing things

creative perspectivesLast year, I set my self up with a new year’s resolution to “Do More.” And I did quite a bit in 2004. I learned to knit, created over a dozen short films, wrote tens of thousands of words, sewed some clothes, invented a scores of recipes. When listed out, it’s quite impressive.

But it would be more impressive still, if I had finished everything I started. By the end of the year, I had so many loose ends that I couldn’t keep track of what I was supposed to be doing. I was flailing and felt like I was failing, too.

This year’s resolution is Finish More.

My list of unfinished projects includes things from as far back as 1999. There are a few new projects that are just-born, and a lot of stuff in between.

I’m allowing myself an hour a day to work on them. It’s effective! This week I finished up some small things and I’m making excellent progress on a bigger project. This positive action fires my enthusiasm to finish even more. Some days, I sneak in another hour or two to get things done.

It’s 8 am now, and time for “Finishing Hour” so I’m off. Hope you’ll find some time to finish a creative project today.

Posted by kuri at January 14, 2005 08:03 AM


This is quite funny! I actually thought that I should do more this year but now that I read this I will plan on “doing and finishing” more this year. Thanks ;)

Posted by: nina on January 14, 2005 11:14 PM
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