January 07, 2005

creative perspectivesThis new year is bringing a series of vivid dreams that make me want to act on them. Here are three memorable dreams and what I’m doing (or might do) to make them come true.

Book Dream: I bought a graphic design book, marked down from $1,600 to only $1,000. I purchased it even though it was an advance release copy and the typesetting was bad, but it was stolen from me by a teenaged girl who shape shifted into a middle-aged woman who denied the theft.

Creative connection: Write that book. I paged through it before I bought it—I know what it was! Or if the book doesn’t work, I could turn the strange story into a screenplay.

Clothes Dream: I pulled things out of my closet to pack them for a trip but none of the clothes were familiar. I particularly remember a black skirt with red flowers done in a 1950s French style.

Creative connection: Sew that skirt and some of the other things I saw in my closet. Yesterday, I searched for the fabric to make the skirt. No luck, but I’ll try again.

Food Dream: I arrived (maybe from the trip I was preparing for in the previous dream) just in time to attend a cast party for a show that all my friends had been in. Everyone was off buying wine and supplies, so I spent most of the dream babysitting big slabs of beef that were being marinated and talking to a the wife of a friend about the show and cooking.

Creative connection: Needless to say, I’ll marinate steaks in the near future and invite my friend’s wife to dinner. The real message for me in this dream is to produce a play. I have a script written that I’d like to see on stage, and have been thinking about hosting some dramatic readings of plays and scripts just for fun.

Posted by kuri at January 07, 2005 10:25 AM


I’m really suprised that you remeberd three dreams clearly. Actaully I had a dream on the second day of the New Year holidays — but unfortunately I forgot as soon as I woke up. So anyway you started this year with big luck. (does it make sense?)

Posted by: Mieko on January 7, 2005 03:35 PM

I wonder if all three dreams could be mixed into one story / screenplay. Could be very David Lynch! :-)

Posted by: Kimura on January 7, 2005 11:24 PM

Write the play.

Posted by: Jenny on January 8, 2005 12:54 AM
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