December 28, 2003
Hello Tokyo Puzzles of Daily Life

Life can be confusing as a functional illiterate; let me help you figure things out fast. Puzzles of Daily Life is a 14 minute video shot on location in train stations, shops, and on the streets—the perfect thing to give you a glimpse of sights and sounds of real-life Tokyo.

Clips from Hello Tokyo

title sequence
Hello Tokyo

0’46” .mov (6.2 MB)

chapter 1
Figuring Out a Few Words

1’58” .mp4 (1.2 MB)

chapter 4

1’12” .mp4 (923 KB)

In less than 15 minutes, you’ll discover how to:

  • summon a waiter
  • apologise for running into someone
  • say a simple thank you
  • choose and use a phrasebook
  • deciper Italian, French, other western menus
  • take advantage of plastic food displays
  • prepare quick meals with instant food and deli items
  • read 6 key kanji on food packages
  • save money by buying Japanese goods
  • puzzle out cleaning products
  • shop for American and European foods
  • satisfy your midnight-snack cravings
  • pay your utility bills
  • combine shopping and entertainment at a 100 yen store
  • see four movies for the price of 1
  • tell whether a movie is subtitled or dubbed in Japanese
  • find English language books and magazines
  • love your train station
  • buy a train or subway ticket
  • use a Passnet card to transfer from subways to trains
  • what to do when the wicket chimes
  • read a Tokyo address
  • …and more

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Appearances & Media
Design Festa vol 18 interview
Design Festa 18 video interview

Tokyo Visitor’s Survival Guide

Just visiting? Here’s some general information on how to navigate Tokyo’s restaurants and attractions.

  • getting from here to there
  • buying tickets
  • shoes and other mysteries
  • eating out
  • Kristen’s favorite attractions
  • surviving illiteracy

Interesting places to visit in Tokyo.

Hello Tokyo Resources

Indispensible Phrases

Restaurants and Food


  • Mitsukoshi - department store featured in video (Japanese)
  • Seiyu - train company owned department store featured in video (Japanese)
  • Isetan - department store with ‘foreign customer service’
  • Tengu Natural Foods - organic foods with home delivery
  • Foreign Buyers Club - imported groceries and more delivered to your door.


Getting Around


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