July 09, 2004
Whitewashing the fence

creative perspectivesToday’s creative solution to heat-induced stupor and writer’s block in the form of a transcript of a conversation on iChat

Kristen: I need to write my Creative Perspectives column
Kristen: I’ve started it four or five times
Kristen: but I can’t get my head wrapped around anything
MJ: hmmm
MJ: what’s the focus today?
Kristen: well, it might have been scent, or rearranging space, or a couple of other things
Kristen: but when I started writing, the words failed to come to me
Kristen: and I gave up on all of them
MJ: hmmmm
MJ: how about writing about fighting writer’s block?
Kristen: hehehe. I’m sure that wouldn’t go anywhere either
Kristen: but maybe I can try.
MJ: well let’s see what to do when you have writer’s block….
MJ: you can:
MJ: try a different scene (go for a walk, go to a cafe)
MJ: start working on something else and let your subconscious mind tackle it for a while
MJ: what do you usually do?
Kristen: I walk away and come back to it later
Kristen: Or I get you to write my column for me. :-)

Thanks, MJ

Posted by kuri at July 09, 2004 04:32 PM

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