March 19, 2004

creative perspectivesWhen I’m feeling blah and uncreative sometimes I mess with my hair. I create a new look with ponytails all over my head or little braids or curls or gelled sections. The “new me” is more likely to think creatively. I get inspired when I’ve just turned my head into a topiary of tresses. Try it yourself; you’ll see.

You say your hair is too short to restyle? Nah. You should see some of the cute Japanese boys running around Tokyo with their short hair gelled into little mini spikes. You’re bald? Well, that is probably too short to style, so why not style your beard? Or be really daring and draw on your head. Or make yourself a hat. This isn’t about beauty as much as regaining a sense of fun.

If you need some inspiration, skip the movie stars and fashion magazines. Take your ideas from Dr. Seuss, bonsai, architecture, 1930s streamlines, fireworks, macrame. How would Man Ray, Rene Magritte, or Salvadore Dali style hair?

Posted by kuri at March 19, 2004 06:53 PM

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