March 05, 2004
New logos

creative perspectivesWow, what a great response. Thank you! I was impressed by the variety of ideas you sent. Every one of them was had its own personality. I hope you had fun with them and that thinking about the logo inspired one of your own projects. They certainly inspired me.

One logo particularly resonated. This is what I wanted to do in the first place. Thank you for reading my mind, Robert. As you can see, I altered the colors for the final version. I’m a fan of duller tones; bright primaries hurt my old eyes.

creative-perspectives.jpgRobert sent a set of elements from the I Ching: earth, water, fire and air. The logo incorporates an Asian motif and uses clean straight lines like the rest of my site. Plus if you look at it from a distance, it’s laughing.

prpcie.jpgSajjad offered his idea in a comment. “I’m not a designer so can’t really give something visual or very solid, but how about putting “Creative” in various colors and “Perspectives” in a 3D style text with different perspectives on different parts of the word?” I had a hard time getting the perspective idea to work at such a small size, so I alternated the letters top to bottom—pErSpEcTiVeS—and that’s a different perspective entirely.

cp-a.jpgcp-b.jpgMike’s submission had a clever twist. ” I was thinking of something that you could change as the ideas change. For example, you’ll see in there that there are two layers of little icons that go along with a possible theme. If the exercise or idea is writing related, turn on the pen layer. If you’re talking about, say, music, then turn on the music icon. It wouldn’t be too terribly hard to change, and would add a neat litle touch to the graphic.” Indeed it is.

80s-style.jpgGreg sent his idea along with a sample in e-mail. “I think Iíd use pen and paper, scissors, a computer maybe. Artistís palette. Drawing pencils crayons, tools, whatever. The style is a little 90’s ish, but good for clear bold graphics.” I read his description and took a good look at the architect’s logo he attached then came up with this.

creative.jpgAnd just to compare, here’s the old one, now relegated to the rubbish heap.

Posted by kuri at March 05, 2004 08:48 AM


I liked them all. Maybe you could alternate them at different times.

Posted by: Dad on March 5, 2004 09:31 PM
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