December 19, 2003
From the floor

creative.jpgIf you’ll just stretch out on the floor for a moment, please. Yes, that’s it…on your stomach, arms & legs relaxed. Rest your chin on the floor. Good, good.

You have become a child, a Borrower, a puppy.

What do you see? The carpet looks different from down here, doesn’t it? Take a close look. It’s a lot rougher and uneven from this angle. Look at the way the furniture meets the floor. What would it be like to walk on it if you were only a few inches tall? The door’s an awfully long way away. And all those crumbs as obstacles…time to vacuum, I think.

But first, roll over onto your back. Let your eyes follow the nearest wall to the ceiling. What seems so close when we’re standing looks miles away when we’re down here. Does your furniture take on a new perspective? Put reality aside and imagine what might be on the surfaces you can’t see now. There must be a cookie jar on the credenza, if only you could reach it.

Of course, when you stand up there’s no cookie jar, the ceiling regains its usual stature and you will forget about the crumbs. But carry the memories of your perspective from the floor with you today and see if you can use them as you work or play.

Posted by kuri at December 19, 2003 09:32 AM


You have just reminded me to read ‘The Borrowers’. I saw a few episodes on the ABC a few years ago and have been meaning to get reaquainted with them for ages. Thank you.

Posted by: Kathleen on December 20, 2003 01:53 AM
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