December 05, 2003
Rules, rules, rules

creative.jpgWhen you’re faced with a trivial but impossible decision put a creative spin on it.

Make up arbitrary rules. Then stick with them.

“I’ll buy a book that has san-serif type on the cover, is thicker than 3 cm, and is written by a woman.”

“On my day off I’ll take the train to the first destination that has four syllables and no S in its name.”

“I’ll buy 3 things at the grocery store for dinner: one that’s under 200 yen, something with purple on the label, and whatever is to the left of the tomatoes.”

Setting a framework for yourself, no matter how silly, forces you to find creative solutions within the restrictions. What has a purple label and goes with escarole?

Or it might expose you to something you’ve never seen or tried before—a book on glazing your own windows, or the delights of Ichigaya.

I sometimes play game this with friends when we’re out wandering around and nobody wants to make a decision about where to eat. Everyone gets a to make one rule and has one veto if the restaurant is too dodgy or undesirable.

“We’ll eat at the next place we see that has a green sign, beer on the menu, and a waitress wearing an apron.”

It’s amazing how quickly you find a place that fits all the requirements.

Posted by kuri at December 05, 2003 08:58 AM


I love it!

Posted by: Fran on December 6, 2003 12:16 AM

I love it!

Posted by: Fran on December 6, 2003 12:16 AM

That rocks. I’m using it with Helen.

Posted by: Jenny on December 7, 2003 10:59 PM

I still remember us using this method when the 4 of us were looking for a place to eat, near Roman’s place I think. Do you remember the place where we all had to duck very low to get through the door. I don’t think we would have ever picked that place normally. I had my first kobe beef that night and I remember it being a great night except that my Bell’s Palsy was starting to manifest and I was scared silly about it. But I do remember a great dinner and conversation nonetheless. I like the refinement of each person picking a rule and one veto only per person.

I’m going to try applying this rule more often. It could be fun.

Posted by: Seth on December 8, 2003 10:25 AM
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