November 21, 2003
Sing a song

creative.jpgNothing loosens up the spirit & gets ideas flowing like singing.

It doesn’t matter whether you can carry a tune, shatter crystal or have a tin ear, singing increases the oxygen in you blood, and gives both hemispheres of the brain a nice workout, plus it’s just plain fun.

So stand up, move around, and belt out a song. Sing loud. Scare the cat, wake up the neighbors. Startle your coworkers in the breakroom. Make your spouse/parents/children wince, or better yet, get them in join in.

Don’t sing along with the radio, though—this is YOUR song.

Style it! Sing in a funny voice: do a jazz standard in a punk style, sing a theme song as an aria, rap a hymn, give a lullaby a Latin beat. Or choreograph some movements; you can even use your hairbrush as a microphone.

Not sure what to sing? How about your national anthem? A Christmas carol? The toilet paper song? The Zousan song? So many possibilities…you might have to sing a few.

Afterwards, notice how great you feel?

Posted by kuri at November 21, 2003 07:30 AM

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