October 31, 2003
Scented Day

creative.jpg Scent is a very powerful sense—can’t you conjure up a lot of memories by recalling the smell of fall leaves, pumpkin pie or wet wool sweaters? Today we’ll tickle our noses and see if our creativity is enhanced.

I’m not much for wearing perfume, but I love fancy soap in the shower. So for me, a quick way to give myself a change of perspective is to put on some scent that lasts all day. Since I don’t have any “real” perfume, I use essential oils.

I apply it to my hair, brushing a drop or two in thoroughly, so when I swing my head around, I catch a whiff of lavender or rosemary. It’s more traditional to dab your perfume onto your wrists and other pulse points and that works beautifully , too. If you’d rather not wear the scent, but still want to try exciting your nose for the day, carry it with you on a handkerchief that you can sniff.

If you usually wear perfume, do something different today. Be daring! Try your sexy nighttime scent at the office, or trade scents with a friend. Pick up a sample of a new scent at your favorite department store or wear your husband’s cologne.

Any man brave enough to wear his wife’s perfume gets applause from me!

Posted by kuri at October 31, 2003 12:00 AM


I also recommend spraying some perfume or putting some oil on a tissue and slipping it in your bra as another way of wearing, but not wearing, a scent. The same tissue can be used under your pillow for sweet dreams.

Posted by: j-ster on November 5, 2003 06:32 PM
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