April 25, 2002

Every time a phone rings, I jump. For as long as I can recall, the blare of the telephone has startled me. I’m often on edge in trains, on the streets, in shops and during meals out and about in Tokyo, because other people’s keitai are always ringing. To keep myself from leaping when my own mobile rings, have volume set low and I’ve programmed my own ring.

The interface for entering your own musical ring tone is full-featured but tedious. I can make a five-part melody by keying in every note, the rests, sharps and flats in what seems like an andless series of button presses. But I want a ring, not a symphony, so I’ve devised a clever hack. I start the music interface and type in some words.

Without caring at all what the notes will be, I type in names or phrases. I’ve done this several times now, an they turn out surprisingly well, especially when I add a touch of harmony by using two voices of my 5-part allowance. My phone sings out “Answer me, answer me” like a calm, tinkling brook. I’m hardly startled at all anymore. Posted by kuri at April 25, 2002 08:37 AM

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