July 22, 2001
When I was a

When I was a little girl, I read a lot of fairy tales, fantasy and historical fiction. I was fascinated with the things people wore and the descriptions of women embroidering all the time. What a lot of work for clothes that we take for granted these days.

Yesterday I was shopping with a friend and saw a shimmering purple dress. It was in my size and on sale so I tried it on. It fit and looked quite lovely but I didn’t decide to purchase it until I read the materials and care tag:

69% cotton
31% metal
Dry Clean Only

This is cloth-of-gold, just like queens wore. Of course, mine’s not really gold but the idea is the same. Now I need a pair of dancing slippers and a crown and I’ll set.

P.S. Today marks the 1st anniversary of this ‘blog. Time flies. Posted by kuri at July 22, 2001 08:53 AM

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